Citizenship by Investment


In 2014 Antigua and Barbuda introduced the Citizenship by Investment Program to the world.   The program has grown and is now the preferred Citizenship by Investment program (also known as the Economic Citizenship program) within the Caribbean and potentially the world.


The Citizenship by Investment Unit is able to process applications within 3 months from start to finish, once they have a fully completed application.  Once approved, the government of Antigua and Barbuda will grant complete citizenship which entitles the applicant to the same benefits as a citizen, including a passport.


The Citizenship Investment Program in Antigua and Barbuda not only grants the applicant and their immediate family citizenship, it also presents them with the opportunity to invest in the Caribbean’s fastest growing economy.


Once an applicant has been approved, their Antigua and Barbuda passport will allow them visa free travel to more than 130 countries worldwide. This includes the UK, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland and Hong Kong to name a few.

Investment Options

  • National Development Fund

    The applicant invests a total of USD $250,000 within the National Development Fund. This is a nonrefundable or returning investment and is not inclusive of application and due diligence fees. Until April 2016 an applicant may take advantage of the limited time offer, which allows a family of four to invest USD $250,000 inclusive of the government application fee.

  • Real Estate Investment

    The applicant must purchase a property for a minimum of USD $400,000 within an approved Citizenship by Investment real estate development and keep that property for a minimum of 5 years. This does not include the necessary application and due diligence fees.

  • Business Investment

    The applicant must invest a minimum of USD $1,500,000 in an approved Citizenship by Investment Business. This does not include the necessary application and due diligence fees.


Government Application Fee

USD $50,000 for main applicant
USD $50,000 for spouse
USD $25,000 for each child under 18 years of age
USD $50,000 for each unmarried dependent aged between 18 to 26
USD $50,000 for elderly parents aged above 65 and dependent on the main applicant.

Due Diligence Fee

USD $7,500 for Main Applicant
USD $7,500 for Spouse
USD $2,000 per dependent child 12-17 years old
USD $4,000 per dependent child 18-25 years old
USD $4,000 per dependent parent aged over 65

Local Agent Fee

This fee depends on the number of applicants and the local processing agent used. Generally this fee would be in the region of USD $10,000.